A Nation of Anger

I have been concerned, like most of you, about the level of anger that seems to be the norm in today’s culture.  At times it feels like everyone is ready to blow a gasket and start the gunfire.  I am not convinced anger is the best approach to the many issues we face, but I also would never negate another persons emotion.  I have just found , for me, a peaceful day is more creative and pleasant.  That doesn’t mean I am not involved in social issues, this is just a note to myself to show compassion and keep outward rage at a very low level.  Have a wonderful Sunday


Graduate School

I am having so much fun in graduate school, in spite of the every present awareness of that silly thing we call grades.  I have often suggested grades are a very dangerous part of education as the student forgets how to learn without external pressure such as grades.  I would prefer pass/fail in graduate school but I am also enjoying having a 4.0. ( LOL)

As Consciousness Evolves

Our perception of reality changes drastically as we move through the many stages of life.  Erick Ericsson used 8 stages of human development, with his wife adding a 9th stages.  In future posts I will look at each stage and the tasks we face at each stages.  The degree to which we resolve these tasks largely determine how well we move into the next stages.

What is MOST important is we learn to process each stage and allow it to unfold as consciousness seems to go where it wants to go when it wants to go.  This raises the question of free will and that question is yet to be solved.  I propose we each forgive our self for not moving as quickly as we would like, which is a form of self love.  How can we even begin to love another until we love and forgive ourself.  This life experience is not an easy process if you consider the reality that much of life is suffering.

Love others, Forgive others, and do the same for that which you believe is you.  May your life go well.  Andy



Is My Birthday Happy?

I never was a person who liked birthdays, even as a child.  That is more true now then ever as I move closer to this transition we call death.  It isn’t because I fear death but rather I will feel exactly the same today as any other day.  Just another day in paradise, so to speak.

I was always a bit uncomfortable with the attention birthdays bring as I never considered myself special or perhaps worthy of such attention.  While I did crave attention in the sports arena, outside of that I wanted to be left alone to ponder the meaning of life and the questions I had about human behavior.  From my earliest memory I felt humans were actually quite strange.  I noticed how often they would say one thing and do another, especially in the area of religion and moral conduct.

In the coming months I will address this sticky issue in another blog, Monk Without A Monastery.  For now, I again plead the reader to be patient with both my lack of insights and understanding who reads this blog.  I am in the process of learning and I rest in the knowledge people can choose to not read my posts.

For those that do wish me a happy birthday, please know I do appreciate it very much, even if I am uncomfortable.


Create a GREAT day, unless you have other plans – Andy